Best Cleveland Criminal Defense

At Attorney David Reuven we believe in the pursuit of justice for our clients and their families. As a team of criminal lawyers in Cleveland with over 30 years of legal experience, we have earned a reputation for exceptional promotion and zeal among our clients and our colleagues.

If the police and prosecutors are in trouble, they are often the equipment they call. So we are familiar with the local community! In addition, three of our lawyers are former prosecutors of criminals have invaluable information about the criminal process. Due to our success and our passion, we are known by residents, criminal prosecution and in the Cleveland area as the first criterion for criminal lawyers. It is our promise to protect your rights.

Our focus on criminal cases

It is not uncommon for Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney lawyers to simply accept their rights and negotiate a petition. This is not how the Attorney David Reuven team works. We focus on each case as if it is a process and prepare an integral and aggressive defense to fight the cost.

Best Cleveland Criminal Defense.jpg

If you are charged with a crime, your freedom and your life is at stake, and you deserve an experienced lawyer fight for you. We are the best experts, researchers and professionals. This helps us do everything we can to build the best defense possible on your behalf.

In addition, our legal experience allows us to recognize errors, weaknesses and gaps in the case against him, which gives him an advantage in the room.

Put action to fight for justice

We want you to know that we do everything we need to protect your rights and help you move forward. When in our Best Cleveland Criminal Defense law firm, you will be treated with respect and dignity and will understand your options every step of the way. To take the first step in your case, call us today!

Our company has a track record of reducing costs, minimizing the impact of possible sanctions and prisons, and getting errors. From start to finish will be attorneys Hector Martinez and Leslie Johns personally involved in all aspects of your case. When you call our office, you tell one of them about your legal issue. We understand that criminal charges are overwhelming, intimidating and frightening. We are working to become the development of a defense strategy that results.


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