Cleveland Criminal Lawyer

No matter what the burden or what evidence supports these charges, the right lawyer can make a difference. Our proven lawyers will fight to keep you out of jail or avoid conviction on your record. We will do our utmost to minimize the consequences of detention and protect their future.

The Attorney David Reuven represents individuals charged with felony counts in the Cleveland, Ohio and Northeastern area of ​​the nation. Attorney Michael J. Goldberg brings with him 24 years of experience in the field of criminal defense. We know what is at stake for you and your family. You can count on our legal team for strategic and powerful representation.

We get results because we are preparing for a trial

Some criminal lawyers have a book, but shy of the court. You have the right to control your attorney’s process credentials. Cleveland Criminal Lawyer has defended clients in more than 100 jury trials as a defense attorney. Each case is prepared by the potential to treat. His care, ability, and court reputation have consistently delivered results for clients such as:

Absolute for customers in the shameful assault, rape, major drug operations, leading white collar businesses, Internet crimes, robbery, possession of weapons, domestic violence and many other issues

Cleveland Criminal Lawyer.jpg

  • Very convenient solemn bargain in state and federal courts
  • Suppression of evidence in major drug cases in which the fourth time the client is violated by the police
  • Absolutes and Cost Reduction in Many DUI Cases in Ohio
  • Borg-downs in high delinquency cases
  • Judicial release in numerous cases

Alternative penalties such as house arrest, drug treatment or community corrections
We protect your rights and take your case seriously

Our david day attorney criminal defense practice covers all felony counts of felony crimes and crimes committed by minors. As a customer, you can expect:

  • Very competent representation in all stages of your business
  • Rapid response to calls and 24-hour availability for emergency situations
  • Honest lawyer to make informed decisions
  • Aggressive protection of their constitutional rights
  • Fair legal fees without filling or surprises
  • Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney fights for you

Most cases are resolved before they reach a jury, but you get better results with a lawyer who is willing and ready to go. Attorney David Reuven let the government not allow a bluff or looting to bring their rights at risk.

Our Beachwood, OH Drug Crime Lawyer offers a free consultation for possible criminal charges. Call 216-360-3000 or 216-338-8666 or contact us online.

The above results are presented in thousands of cases. Each case is unique. The result in your particular case depends on several factors and can not be predicted by our results in the past on behalf of other clients. Feel free to contact Cleveland Criminal Defense Attorney.


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