What is assault and battery?

If you have been the victim of a willful violation, then you deserve compensation for your injuries and damage to the property. In general, injuries resulting from accidents such as vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slips and prevalence or work-related injuries. But did you know that some criminal cases can also lead to civil lawsuits? If you have been a victim of assault and battery, then you may be eligible for compensation for damages you have suffered.

What is assault and battery?

Assault and battery are both a criminal act and an intentional breach. This means that a person is guilty of assault or assault, both in criminal proceedings (in local, state or federal government) and civilian courts (against the victim or victims of intentional violation) is liable.

Defined assault

In a personal injury case, the attack is generally defined as the deliberate act intended to cause the victim to have a sense of imminent harmful or offensive contact. An example would be a man in a bar, rubbing his fist in the face of another man and said: “I’m going to totally lose China!” For your attack, there must be a threat and the current ability to cause damage by the perpetrator.

Criminal law is the very definition of assault that leads to a person who is held responsible for criminal charges by the local authority or the government. The attacks also fit the definition of the battery tried but failed. So what’s the battery?

Set battery

The battery is the intentional physical contact of the aggressor against the victim. It is not necessary to be detrimental to the battery charge and the sole purpose and physical contact. An example of the battery is a man in a bar with another man in a bar or punchy domestic violence. While these are two criminal charges, they can also be classified as intentional torture and the victim may be eligible for compensation.

Where can you look for a case of assault or battery?

Not all cases of battery or aggression are worth filing a lawsuit. They may be threatened or affected by another man by man, but if the damage is difficult to prove, there may be no benefit in filing a claim. Many of us are probably victims of an assault and battery incident and I thought nothing about it after the fact in terms of compensation.

However, if you suffered an injury that has caused you to lose completely paying for medical expenses, hours of work or your work or property damage, filing a lawsuit may be the best option you have to offset the costs and losses due guarantee. .

In Assault Problems and Civil Battery Claims

The problem with these cases is that you should discuss the offender for damages in general, rather than someone who has incorrect auto insurance or insurance to cover their losses, they will be sitting most of the people out of their pocket . If criminal charges are pressed against him or her, the offender should also be concerned about the payment of court costs and penalties.

At Attorney David Reuven, we are here to help you explore all the options, and if you are running a business that includes both a criminal act and a deliberate violation, you need a lawyer who knows how to act quickly to ensure you get compensation Which is deserved for the occasion, continue. Call us today for a free consultation and help you understand your business and gain knowledge of a assault and battery .


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